Bathroom Designing

Your choice of an overall stylistic approach for your bathroom can also serve to expand or contract the space. Although any style can work in a small space if it’s minimal enough, traditional, rustic or country styles tend to feature more adornment and decor than contemporary and modern styles, which are generally more sleek and streamlined. A great example of a space-saving fixture that works well in a more updated design is a pedestal sink. This efficient space saver can work great with a simple, straightforward style.

H.S Associates provide quality service and craftsmanship to our clients. You can rest easy knowing that we will be with you every step of the way from the beginning design phase, through construction and to the final walk-through. Check out our Peace of Mind package. We believe that our unique method what makes the end result….perfect. Because at H.S Associates, “Our Method Makes It Perfect”.

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